Pokemon GO: Guide To Obtaining Sinnoh Stones

Niantic has introduced a number of new challenges and events for Pokemon trainers to enjoy the Pokemon GO mobile AR title. Notably, players have come across a number of new and exciting content which includes the introduction of Rare Candy, special Pokeballs, Sinnoh Stone, Shiny Pokemon, and new Raid Battles.

Moreover, the title also availed gamers with generation four Pokemon which players could evolve instantly by using Sinnoh Stones on them. It becomes quite challenging for players to evolve their desired Pokemon to gen four as the required Sinnoh Stone is kind of a very precious entity in the game and requires players to complete a number of challenges and win against powerful Raid bosses in order to collect them.

As mentioned, players currently can also avail the rare Sinnoh Stones by either taking part in a battle or by accomplishing the available challenges and Field Research tasks. But none of those mentioned above options assures the boating of the rare stone and players have to progressively work in the game by accessing the title on regular bases which would eventually increase your chances of receiving the Sinnoh Stone and quickly evolve their desired Pokemon.

It is also worth to review the past in-game trends as previously a Community Day Event exclusively offered the Sinnoh Stone as a reward for players who managed to defeat the team leaders present during the event. Although it is unsure, whether Niantic will include the precious stone in the month of April.

 One of the means to secure Sinnoh Stone is by battling out with the team leader once per day, and it is one of the most convenient means to gather a Sinnoh Stone further down the month. To participate in a battle with a leader, players can simply select the nearby Pokemon option and from there choose a Battle by selecting a leader.

Moreover, players can also battle it out with three other players every day. Players can make an attempt to win three battles with other players, and maybe they secure a Sinnoh Stone.

The other way around to grab on to the Sinnoh Stone is by completing various Field Research Breakthrough box tasks. Players will have to complete seven days worth of different challenges and quests after which players will be awarded with a treasure box which would unlock a random legendary Pokemon with various other exclusive rewards.

Within this box, chances of availing a Sinnoh Stone is very high, and players should try their utmost in completing the required challenges to avail this box. So hopefully you will try to apply both the methods in your gameplay and successfully attain a rare Sinnoh Stone for yourself.

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