Nintendo Switch Online About To Cross The 10 Million Subscriber Milestone

Nintendo provides its Switch users exclusive paid services which avail gamers with a plethora of titles at a single destination, and recent reports have revealed that the online paid services for Nintendo are ongoing some drastic improvement as it is about to cross 10 million active subscriber mark.

The Nintendo Online paid services were launched in September 2018 and have been growing since. The counted subscribers did not include the free trial users, but it does include the family subscriptions to its users.

Certainly having a 10milian active paid user base helps Nintendo tremendously as these subscribers act as a reliable source of funds that helps in the growth and stability for the brand.

In today’s modern world software’s and services are the primary source of generating income and investors at Nintendo would be delighted to witness such an upward trend for their services, as the Switch brand can utilize these regular sources of funds to develop some exciting new titles and gaming hardware for its users.

Nintendo devices are best known for its portability and access to numerous hit titles at any given point. This flexibility of playing games at any time and place makes an excellent reason for gamers to choose Nintendo devices. And in addition, the services provided by Switch enables players to explore exciting titles which they never even have heard off.

Switch Online paid services are indeed quite attractive as players can head to a range of unexplored games at a single destination. For instance, Tetris 99 turned out to be immensely successful as more than 2.8 million Switch players accessed it.

Although the Tetris 99 title is available for free on Nintendo Switch still, players require to have subscribed to the online paid services in order to avail the game so, certainly players feel much more suited to subscribe to the services provided to access such exciting tiles.

Moreover, the developers at Niantic have been hinting that the Switch devices would include some exclusive features included to their device’s which would tremendously boost the in-game experience for Switch users.

The paid online Switch services also avail its users with awesome NES titles which lets players explore different genre of games on the gaming consoles. It is also being speculated that Nintendo Switch is underway to develop a smaller and much more portable variant for their Nintendo Switch series.

Many sources have also reported that Nintendo is also planning to develop a higher end version of exciting Nintendo Switch Console which would avail its users with high-end hardware to enjoy much more high-end titles. Let’s see what more is Nintendo planning to include in future to better suit its users and subscribers until then it is a remarkable achievement made by the Switch.

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