Lime Reportedly Plans to Lay Off Nearly 100 Employees

The on-going health outbreak has forced everyone to dwell at their homes as it is the only resolve to overcome the spread of it. The imposed lockdown has led to the fall of various daily product service providers such as Lime. According to a recent report, Lime is planning to lay-off its 100 employees to overcome the loss caused by amid outbreak.

The subsequent report has been proclaimed by Bloomberg in which they stated that Lime’s officials had made a mutual consent over the lay-off fact of their employees. Lime, who has established in significant parts of Europe and the USA, will lay-off employees from the region. According to the rumors, the lay-off can be increased up to more than 190 employees. The popular news distributor, Axios, also stated in this contrast in which they said that Lime has already told some of its employees in the month of March about laying off the initiative of the company. Whereas Bloomberg, who earlier proclaimed that Lime would be laying-off employees up to 50 but now the numbers have reached 100.

Earlier in the post month of March, Patreon, another startup, has laid-off its 80 employees due to health outbreak. Now, Lime has become a victim of a similar situation. However, the vehicle rental business has faced a massive loss in few passed months. The leading conglomerates, such as Uber has also been affected. Thus, they are also planning to cut off more than 20% of their staff as per the rumors. Another leading conglomerate of similar businesses, such as Bird, has already laid off more than 30% of its staff. Whereas the popular scooter startup, such as Lime, the Lyft is also in the talks with its official to lay-off about 17% of its staff.

However, Lime has takeover Boosted a couple of weeks back by paying off a considerable sum of 61 million. Thus, now they are up to lay-off its employees to overcome the financial losses of the company. Although the CEO of Lime has not stated anything in subsequent contrast, it is pretty sure that soon more than 80 employees of Lime are about to fire.

Whatever the reason may be, there must be some liable rights made for employees, too, so that they can be asked the company about the appropriate purpose of firing them. Similar to the case of Lime, the employees would have raised their voices against the company if there are any rights for them. But still, on behalf of the employees, we want to ask Lime that is it essential to acquire new companies rather than showing concern to your employees during this worst time for humanity.

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