How to Change Windows Live Mail Language on Windows?

Windows Live Mail might seem like old news to many users since they have shifted to third-party tools. However, the same is not valid for everyone. Windows Live Mail is among the handiest tools you can use in Windows OS, and it even lets you change the language according to your preferences. If you wish to change your language on Windows Live Mail, then read through the blog. So, here are the steps to modify the Windows Live Mail language on Windows.

Modify the Language of Windows Live Mail 

In case the user wishes to modify the language of Windows Live Mail, then they can pursue the mentioned instructions.

  • Hold the Win + R keys altogether on your keyboard to launch the Run dialogue box.
  • After that, enter ‘langselector.exe’ into it and click on the OK button.
  • It will launch the language settings for Windows Essentials.
  • Go to Windows Essential Language setting screen.
  • Then select the drop-down section.
  • You should find and select the preferred language from the languages list.
  • Thereafter, click on the OK button to save the changes.
  • Now, once the system reboot, launch the Windows Live Mail client and look at whether the language is modified to the desired language.

If you alter the language according to your preference for Windows Live Essentials, then it will probably affect the Windows Live Mail client. However, if you would like to modify the language of the PC properly, then you require to have a multi-language Windows license. Almost, all the Windows licenses that come in-built with the system are single language license. The user must be updated or buy a multi-language license separately to be capable of using the PC in other languages.

Modify the Input Language

In case the user wants to modify the input language, then abide by the provided steps.

  • You should click on the Start logo on your system.
  • After that, click on the Settings.
  • Navigate to the Time and Language option.
  • Launch the Language section from the left-hand side panel.
  • Beneath the Preferred languages, select the option ‘Add a preferred language.’
  • Go to ‘Choose a language to install a window’ browse for the desired language and click on the Next option.
  • Thereafter, select the Install button.
  • Now, Windows will download and install the chosen pack of language.
  • After installing the language pack, launch the language field one more time.
  • Beneath the Preferred languages, select the Choose an input method to always use as default option.
  • Beneath the Override for default input method option, select the drop-down section, and choose the freshly installed language.
  • Now, if you would like to modify the language one more time, redo the instruction 8 and 9.

Being capable of modifying the language of the Windows Live Mail set should be usable for the users who choose to use the email client in their regional language. Pursue the instructions in this blog to effectively modify the language of Windows Live Mail.

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