How to Take Great Black and White Photos in iPhone (Tips and Tricks)

The majority of the population packs a powerful and proficient camera in their pocket because of the iPhone. When we try to click pictures, we do it in all colors, but nothing beats a good old black and white pic. As nothing is off beam in the color photos but at times, you may get the amazing result in black and white. It may change the ordinary picture into something different. If you want to take great photos, then this post might be useful to you. Read the blog and follow the steps to take tremendous black and white images.

Plan Before for the Black and White Photos

If you need to get great black or white photos, then you have to plan before for them. It is easy to go and shoot anything in black and white but concentrating more and give it more thoughts as not everything will look good in B&W. When you are planning for clicking pictures, then give it an idea that what you need to express in the picture.

Apt Lightning

As light is necessary for photography, usually, it is even more important to clicking pictures of B&W, including the bright, stark, sharp, and bold lights, which can create the picture different in converting the simple photos into something amazing. Like if you want to create something spectacular, try to shoot with the powerful backlight the following subject, building the inky black outline. The backlight must always be at the back of the subject and approach if you need to accomplish such effects. If you are shooting outside, then the perfect time to shoot is the sunny evening or morning as the sun is stumpy in the sky. You can try to change the exposure on the iPhone camera to dim the photos to get the intense backgrounds that might be useful for B&W photography.

Keep Everything Simple

“Less is more” you may have heard this phrase, it relates to the photography of B&W if you have set the goal to take the good pictures. You want to capture as much as you can in a single shot in the normal photographs. Whereas in B&W photos, it is opposite, you have to eradicate all the distractions from the prospect before capturing. If you don’t have several subjects, stick to the one and ensure that it does not overlap with the other object in a frame. If you are capturing the B&W image with the person as the subject, ensure to wait till there must be no people stirring around at the back.

Take a Look to the Textures

Other best option to capture for B&W photos with varied or extreme textures. There are several things that we don’t usually think while capturing. However, they will surely become interesting when viewing in black or white. Keep the texture of the subject, including crumbling bricks, jagged rocks, or the edges of the splinter or the broken glass in the window, hairs of animal fur; there are endless options.

Line It Up

Another great thing that enhances the quality of B&W photos apart from the standard photographs is bold, straight, and clean lines, whether they are curved and straight. As there will be sufficient contrast in the B&W pictures, such curves or lines will draw the eyeballs of the viewer as they are strong or exciting to focus on.

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